Mizanur Rahman Khan Sohag

An Engineer / A Project Manager / A Developer / A Friend / A Biker / SSC #07 HSC #09 Bangladesh

Lead Software Engineer

Seeking for a position of Senior Software Engineer / Lead Developer to give my best output and want to work with a progressive and forward-thinking organization where I can use my skills, demonstrate my creativity, illustrate my independent thinking, gather up to date knowledge for developing our Company.

I have 8.5 years’ Experience on the area “Software Design and Development”. I am a sincere, very dedicated to work and honest.

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Check my experiences that i gather knowledge of from previous companies.

Yakoun Inc. Ltd.

1st July, 2019 to Continue

Lead Full Stack Developer (Remote Job)

Pashtya teaching app (like preply) where you may create tutor, company or sudent profile. Tutor may add schedules (weekly, half-monthly, monthly, yearly) and course for sale. Company can add jobs and blogs. Students may book any tutor schedules, buy any online course or apply any jobs. Companay, Tutor and students may chat or video and audio call or share screen for schedule metting. There has admin panel manage all. Checkout and credit card payment system using Payezy Payment gateway. Admin and tutors coupons , Orders, Order Details, blogs, supports and many more that you may check on website. All has been developed and planning by me. There was adobe XD designer and junior developer with this project.

  • Development API: PHP (Laravel), MySQL, Redis and React JS.
  • Development Chatting, Audio, Video Call, and Screen Share: NodeJS, express, soketIO, PeerJS and WebRTC.
  • iOS and Android App: React Native (All feature that have on web)

Yakoun B2B E-commerce, multi-tenant web apps development using Laravel, Passport, Intervenstion images, Pazyezi Bank api, MySQL, Redis and React JS.

Yakoun Android and iOS E-commerce system like products show, cart, wish list and checkout app using React Native.

Awazona (like tiktok) web apps development Laravel, ffmfeg, MySQL, Redis and React JS.

Android and iOS app using React Native, iOS ffmfeg video editor, image editor, video generate

Bitmascot Pvt. Ltd.

22nd April, 2018 to 30th June, 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Reed Graduation booking system multi-tenant web app (Australian top 32 university using this web apps) where student can book graduation gown, graduation products like gradpak, professional photography order, plaques and frames, bears and flowers, rings and graduation books. Web application using CakePHP, DomPDF for graduation picture pdf generate, Stripe payment gateway, MySQL, and jQuery

Event Booking System where you may create online and venue event. Where has advanced booking system. Seat management and many more. Tools: cakePhp, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google social login, MySQL

Worked on other tools MEAN Stack, Amazon, PayPal, Twilio and SMS Module system.

Get Web Inc. Ltd

1st April, 2017 to 21st April, 2018

Project Manager and Lead Developer

  • Projects Management, Planning, Analysis, Design and Implementation,
  • Projects Estimating, Costing and Timeline provide
  • Working with Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Code Igniter, Cake PHP, WordPress and MEAN Stack, Database using SQL (MySQL and SQLite), No SQL (Mongo and Radis) and
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Vue JS, Node JS, Express JS and Angular JS)
  • Company own product IT E-Commerce system develop using Laravel, MySQL, Redis link https://doodledigital.net/
  • Company web app develop using CakePHP, MySQL, Redis link https://getwebinc.com/
  • Other WordPress site development

Enhanced iTech Ltd

1st January, 2016 to 31st March, 2017

Senior Software Engineer (Team Lead)

  • Inventory Management, Account Management, Educational System Management, E-Commerce Management B2B or B2C, Blog management develop
    Inventory Link
    Accounts Link
  • Working with PHP Framework/CMS like Laravel, Lumen, Code Igniter, Magento and WordPress,
  • Android Apps Development Using Java Like News Paper App, Inventory Apps.
  • API Module using like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, PayPal and SMS Module,
  • Theme Forest Theme and Plugins development. https://themeforest.net/user/eitthemes https://themeforest.net/user/themewar

N. I. Biz Soft

1st January, 2015 to 20th December, 2015

Software Programmer

  • Freelancing based site design and development using following info:
  • Programming: Web Design and Development by using OOP PHP, ASP.Net, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML. Desktop Based Apps development by using C# and SQL.
  • MVC Framework: Code Igniter, Laravel, Magento and Umbraco.
  • API: PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Recapcha, Google Map, Facebook etc
  • CMS: WordPress (Theme, Plugins and Widgets Development and Customization), Magento, OpenCart E-Commerce Development.
  • https://www.nibizsoft.com/

Genuine Technology & Research Ltd.

1st June, 2013 to 31st December, 2014

Web developer

Genuine Technology Web Site Design and Development by using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Bootstrap, UiKit based design and Graphic Design. Own Cloud Maintenance, GT-Solution, GT-Mail and GT-R & D server maintenance.

CCTV, AutoCAD 2D and 3D design for electrical fire detection, fire hydrant design & Calculation according ACCORD rules and Regulation.

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Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in anim id est laborum.

  • PHP / Laravel / Symfony / CodeIgniter / CakePHP
  • WordPress / Magento / Yii
  • Java / Spring
  • C# / ASP.net
  • NodeJS / MEAN / Strapi
USD $500 - More

Web Development

  • JavaScrip / React JS / Vue JS
  • Angular / jQuery
  • HTML / CSS
  • Photoshop / Adobe XD / Figma
USD $500 - More

Web Design

  • Java / Android
  • Swift / iOS
  • Native / React Native
  • SqLite / FIrebase
USD $500 - More

Mobile App

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Premier Pro
USD $500 - More

Graphic design

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In my 8.5 years professional carieer i have experience with lot of Programming language and language defandable packages or modules. Worked with many payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Payezy, TD Bank API, Moniries and bKash etc. Also worked on SMS Module, Twilio. Web RTC. Soket IO. Media Storage and many more.

  • Project Management
  • Lead Development
  • Development
  • Design / UI / UX
PHP / Laravel / Symfony / CakePHP / CodeIgniter
MySQL / SQLite / MSSQL / Mongo / Redis / Firebase
JavaScript / React / Vue / Angular
Android / iOS / Native
NodeJS / Express / Strapi
C# / ASP.net
Java / Spring
Python / Django

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  • Yakoun
  • Pashtya
  • Awazona
  • Doodle Digital
  • Round Around Tire